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CSEF Grants


CSEF Grant Program

Since the beginning of our grant program in the fall of 2014, CSEF has awarded 50 grants totaling $51,264.72.  

The purpose of the Grant Program is simple: to support Clarence School teachers, coaches and club advisors’ initiatives to enhance the educational experiences of students in the Clarence Central School District by offering ancillary enrichment in the arts, sciences, math, technology, applied career skills and athletics.

The Clarence Schools Enrichment Foundation mini-grant program will fund proposals up to $1000 each.

How Do Teachers Apply For Funding?

The application process is simple, making it easy for teachers to obtain funds and make their vision a reality. Those interested in applying are asked to fill out an application form and submit to the foundation board. The innovative projects approved receive prompt funding for almost immediate implementation. Grants are reviewed two times a year, late spring and early fall. At the end of the program, teachers are asked to make a short presentation on the impact of the initiative.

Mini-Grant Application Form

Large Local, Regional and National Grant Programs

If you would like CSEF to apply for a grant on behalf of the school district in excess of $1000, our grant writers are ready to help. [contact_form].