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Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that we have received. Don’t see your question on here? Drop us a line!


Q. Why isn’t the foundation looking to restore Music Teachers?
A. By law, the Foundation, any foundation, can not bring back teachers. Only the school board can do that by restoring them through a future budget process.

Q. How are you different from Keep Clarence Schools Great?
A. Clarence Schools Enrichment Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)(3). By law our organization can not lobby, collect money for political awareness and must remain non-partisan in nature. CSEF is raising money to fund programs that impact students directly.

Q. Are donations tax deductible?
A. Yes, as an IRS-recognized tax-exempt charitable organization, all donations are tax deductible — including those made this past year! Donations to CSEF are also eligible for corporate employee matching, United Way and other benefactors to charitable organizations.

Q. Why haven’t I received a 2014 Donation Receipt?
A. As required by the IRS, receipts were mailed out to those who donated $250 or more. Receipts for all others are available upon request. If needed please email

Q: What is the amount I can use for tax deduction on the 2014 Golf Tournament?
A: If you purchased a Dinner ticket $21 of your dinner donation is tax deductible.  Golf package, which included the cost of playing and lunch, $105 of your donation is tax deducible.

Q. What is the Long-term Goal of CSEF
A. The long-term goal of CSEF is to create a fund for capital purchases and new enrichment programs.

Q. What is the Goal of CSEF for 2013-14
A. At the request of the administration, the CSEF goal is embarking on a 1-year Restoration Initiative to restore clubs and athletics that had been cut by the administration and board of ed following the budget shortfall.

Q. 2013-2014 Restoration Initiative
A. The list of programs to be restored was provided to CSEF by the administration. If you do not see a program on here that was eliminated, you must contact the administration. CSEF has NO ABILITY to restore programs not on this list.

Q. Order of Restoring Programs
A.Understanding that raising so much money was a tall order, the Administration guided us with milestones. The milestones were stipulated by when a program begins in the school year. For example football is a fall sport, baseball a spring one. Fall sports start before clubs. Thus, we chose to gift in this order.

Q. But why did you not fund clubs in the first gift?
A. We have indeed funded four clubs!! While we had been asked by the board of ed to send the gift for sports programs in by early August, we had received the full amount of earmarks to fund four clubs and included that in our initial gift. The board has given us until mid-september to fund the bulk of the clubs.

Q. Is every dollar collected going toward Restoration?
A. Every dollar collected is going toward Restoration — with the exception of hard set up costs, e.g. 501c3 filing fees and PayPal fees.

Q. What are 501c3 filing fees?
A. The federal government requires an $850 filing fee for foundations of our size to receive our non-profit charitable status.

Q. Why do we need that?
We chose to do it for Corporate Matching, Tax deductions and reduced PayPal fees.

Q. What if funds fall short, who decides?
A. If, in the very unfortunate scenario CSEF falls short of its funddrive and can not fund all activities, activities will be funded in the following order with the counsel of the administration:
By earmarks — those programs that have full or partial payments toward them would be first restored
By impact to student body with information provided by the district.

Q. Why can’t we restore teachers?
Most of us on the CSEF board are also parents whose kids have been impacted by classes that were eliminated. We understand the disappointment and anger. However, CSEF has NO ABILITY to restore cut teachers. What CSEF can do is provide students who have lost out on a class — with an extracurricular outlet to soften the blow. We understand it is not a perfect solution, but it is the only option within all of our control.

Q. What happens next year?
The CSEF board continuously states this is a one-year initiative — and the board has voiced its understanding. That will allow CSEF to focus on its true mission which is to fund projects that augment what the district is offering now.

Q. If you pass the $200,000 goal, what happens to the extra money?
A. Once the clubs and athletics are restored, any additional money will be allocated to the general foundation fund. There have been costs for general operating expenses (website hosting, legal fees, PO Box, printing costs, etc) which have been borne by the initial board, but going forward will need to come out of the general fund.

Q. If you hit the $200K goal, will the teachers agree to Coach the teams and/or vote to allow non-teachers to coach ? I heard teachers would have to vote to allow non-teachers to coach.
A. It is our understanding that if the funds are raised, the teachers will agree to coach/advise those teams and clubs that had been cut. And yes, you are correct. According to the collective bargaining agreement, the teachers would have to vote to allow volunteers to fill these positions. Even if the teachers did this, it would be difficult to fill these positions with volunteers in the short term since they would need to be state certified (if coaching) and/or undergo a background check and fingerprinted (if club advisors).

Q: Who determines what clubs or athletics will be restored?
A. The Clarence School Administration provided the foundation with the club and athletic lists. The School Board will have the final approval.